Camp Programs — Therapy in the Natural Environment

Promise to Care Campaign

Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado

Fund Raising Goal: $300,000

Therapy in the Natural Environment refers to speech-language therapy provided in a supportive and creative natural environment for children with speech and language delay or disability — such as the Talking with Technology Camp for children who use computer-based talking devices.

  1. Existing camp programs include Talking with Technology (TWT) and First Steps.

    1. TWT is a week-long camping and educational experience held at the Easter Seals Camp in the mountains near Denver. Children served use computerized communication devices.

    2. First Steps is a weekend learning experience for families considering assistive communication technology for their young child.

  2. Children's Hospital Colorado, with Foundation and donor financial support, is able to offer these highly effective programs. Since program inception in 1988 and through 2013, grant expenditures total $1.2 million, enabling more than 750 children to be served.

  3. With additional financial support, the increasing costs of existing camp and parent education programs could be met without drawing down existing funds, thereby sustaining our financial resources further into the future.

  4. Also, with additional financial support the door opens for consideration of other creative and effective "camping" therapy programs in helping children communicate.

  5. Cost Analysis

  6. Budget Description 2013 Cost 2014 Budget Campaign Allocation for Sustaining Budget Activity Campaign Allocation for One-Time Expenditure
    TWT Camp $60,000 $80,000 $240,000 $0
    First Steps Camp and TWT sibling, personal care and trainer support (funding by another foundation) $25,878 (paid from a restricted gift) $0 $0 $0
    Possible future camp initiatives or maintaining TWT & First Steps $0 $0 $60,000 $0
    TOTALS $85,878 $80,000 $300,000 $0

    1. Existing camp costs are increasing and the Foundation would be less than proactive if it didn't consider the possibility of additional costs currently assumed by another foundation's generous support. While we do not expect this foundation ending its support any time soon, should circumstances evolve to that point we would need to consider either funding by the Scottish Rite Foundation or seeking other funding sources for sibling, personal care and trainer support at TWT and fully funding First Steps Camp. In 2013 our partner supported these efforts with a generous restricted grant to the Scottish Rite Foundation for funding $25,878 in annual expenses for TWT and First Steps.

    2. To the extent that funds are available from this fundraising component, it would allow the Board of Trustees to determine if other therapeutic and constructive approaches to therapy in the natural environment would be appropriate and fundable, either directly by the Foundation or through additional fundraising. Of course this will depend upon the financial environment at the time as well as the expenditure necessary in sustaining current camp programs.