Promise to Care Campaign

Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado

Fund Raising Goal: $300,000

Telepractice refers to the internet-based delivery of speech therapy for children and families in rural or underserved communities in Colorado.

  1. Telepractice began in 2012 in Colorado under the leadership of Children's Hospital Colorado. To date a total of 15 children have been served.

  2. Families in the following 11 Colorado communities have been served by telepractice:

    • Eastern Colorado — Hugo
    • Northeastern Colorado — Brush and Fort Morgan
    • Northwestern Colorado — Craig
    • Western Colorado — Whitewater
    • Southwestern Colorado — Cortez, Ignacio and Pagosa Springs
    • Southern Colorado — Cañon City
    • Southeastern Colorado — Las Animas and Lamar

  3. With additional financial support more children will be able to receive speech therapy in Colorado communities distant from clinic sites. The telepractice fundraising goal of $300,000 includes the following options:

    1. Naming rights for three Children's Hospital Colorado telepractice rooms at $75,000 per room (representing $225,000 of the fundraising goal for this initiative). A private room is required for conducting patient therapy. The telepractice room will be equipped with an appropriate computer and related equipment for conducting such internet sessions using secure communications in a protected and safe environment, thus ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

    2. Implementation costs of $75,000 which would cover various expense items such as computers and specialized cameras as well as support costs at community sites in those cases where we use a non-clinic facility such as The Piñon Project in Cortez. These sites do not have naming rights potential.

    3. The three sites for which telepractice room naming rights are offered include (1) Children's Hospital Colorado main campus in Aurora, (2) CHC's new south therapy center in Littleton, and (3) CHC's speech therapy clinic in Pueblo.

  4. Cost Analysis

  5. Budget Description 2013 Cost 2014 Budget Campaign Allocation for Sustaining Budget Activity Campaign Allocation for One-Time Expenditure
    Telepractice support at The Piñon Project $6,840 $6,840 $25,000 $0
    Telepractice initiative in the San Luis Valley $0 $50,000 $25,000 $0
    Telepractice initiatives in other areas $0 $0 $25,000 $0
    Naming rights for telepractice rooms $0 $0 $0 $225,000
    TOTALS $6,480 $56,480 $75,000 $225,000

    1. The long-term expected cost effect of this component is minimal. The cost of the therapy is not a factor in providing telepractice. If not for telepractice, most of the children and their families would otherwise travel to distant clinic sites in order to receive speech therapy, for which we would routinely finance a portion of the therapy for qualified families (as is done for RiteCare children currently in the telepractice program).

    2. In those cases where telepractice is supported by a non-Children's Hospital Colorado site, the Foundation would pay a small amount (approximately $6,500 per year) for cost reimbursement associated with providing computer support by the host site under appropriate guidelines and requirements. Currently we do so with The Piñon Project in Cortez and are prepared to do so in the San Luis Valley. The 2014 budget for possible expansion was approved based on the fact that we have not yet determined a possible telepractice site in the Valley and are therefore uncertain as to the startup cost should we find a suitable site.