Early Language and Learning (Treasure Chest)

Promise to Care Campaign

Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado

Fund Raising Goal: $200,000

The Treasure Chest Program provides theme-based reading and learning materials for in-home use by families. Parent instruction is provided by our Treasure Chest partners — currently The Piñon Project in Cortez and Rocky Mountain SER Head Start in Grand Junction. (SER is an acronym for "Service, Employment, Redevelopment".)

  1. Treasure Chest is in large demand with a considerable waiting list of families. From program inception in 2000 through 2013, grant expenditures total $749,000 with 2,150 children served.

  2. With additional financial support not only could more children be potentially enrolled at the existing two sites in western Colorado but also the Foundation would be able Treasure Chest Program expansion to other areas of the state.

  3. Cost Analysis
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    Budget Description 2013 Cost 2014 Budget Campaign Allocation for Sustaining Budget Activity Campaign Allocation for One-Time Expenditure
    Treasure Chest — The Piñon Project $53,520 $53,520 $60,000 $0
    Treasure Chest — Head Start Grand Junction $30,000 $50,000 $50,000 $0
    Possible future expansion $0 $0 $90,000 $0
    TOTALS $83,520 $103,520 $200,000 $0

    1. The Board of Trustees approved a total budget of $103,520 for the Treasure Chest Program in 2014. We can anticipate that to sustain these popular and effective programs the budget will increase over the next five years by at least 20 percent, based on the cost history of the program. The fundraising goal is designed to support this level of increase and to allow additional capacity at one or more additional sites in Colorado.

    2. Depending on the campaign outcome, it may be feasible to allocate resources to future expansion.